Heat Treating

Experience +  Equipment  +  Execution  =  Quality Heat Treatments


Our wealth of experience – a number of our employees have been with us from the beginning – allows us to understand the complexities of heat treating. Issues like distortion, part cleanliness, pre-treatments, steel type vs. mechanical properties, all factor into whether a product will meet requirements. In many cases we can anticipate potential issues and discuss these with you early on.

Proper Equipment.

Because we have invested in new equipment, we are able to meet the most stringent quality requirements. Our furnaces are well maintained, and calibrated in accordance with AMS 2750.

Great Execution.

It starts with a formal receiving and contract review procedure. We then detail our shop routers so that our heat treaters can carry out specific instructions. Times and temperatures are important, but often times the handling, fixturing and special instructions are what’s needed to get the order completed correctly. In-process and final inspections are carried out by trained employees to insure all requirements are met.