C. H. (Buddy) Crossley – C.E.O. (Retired).

Buddy Crossley started Texas Heat Treating in 1977. Beginning with a shop of just 6,000 square feet, he launched a company that now has grown to two large facilities, the first in Round Rock, Texas, and the newest plant in Fort Worth. Serving hundreds of customers across the Southwest United States with unparalleled service and focus on customer’s needs, Texas Heat Treating’s dedication to delivering what our customer’s require, and its reputation for quality, reliability, and on-time service has built the company’s standing as the industry leader in atmospheric heat treating.

C.H. (Buster) Crossley, Jr. – President and C.O.O.

Buster Crossley joined Texas Heat Treating in 1981 and took over operations upon Buddy’s retirement in 2001. He continues to ensure that Texas Heat Treating is run with the experience and expertise that our customers have come to expect and rely on. Buster’s commitment to keeping Texas Heat Treating at the forefront of thermal processing technology has helped guarantee that we continue to provide the unparalleled service and attention that has helped establish Texas Heat Treating as an industry leader. Along with a B.A. in Business, Buster studied Metallurgical Engineering at U.T. El Paso and was recently named Board President of the Metal Treating Institute (MTI). MTI is the worlds largest network of commercial Heat Treaters.

Tony Pugh – Regional G.M.

With a background in manufacturing and automation, Tony joined Texas Heat Treating in 1990. He has held a variety of positions with increasing responsibility, focusing on Production, and Plant and Equipment Maintenance. As General Manager he has effectively managed the company’s rapid growth while maintaining the company commitment to the highest levels of quality and customer service.

Daryl Hoisager – General Manager, Ft. Worth

With over thirty years of experience managing and meeting customer’s needs in a manufacturing environment, Daryl joined Texas Heat Treating in 2012 to manage the new Fort Worth facility. With a B.S. in Engineering from U.T. Austin and an M.S. in Engineering from U.T. Arlington, Daryl brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in quality assurance and incomparable reliability, with a sharp focus on customer service.

Jim Filkowski – Q.A. Manager / New Business Development

Jim has worked in the heat treating industry, both commercial and captive, beginning in 1986. He joined Texas Heat Treating in 2003 and has been instrumental in the company’s growth by bringing technical solutions to customer’s heat treating challenges. Jim has a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from Purdue University. He is an active member of the Houston Chapter of ASM International.

Tito Correa – Sales and Customer Service

Tito started with Texas Heat Treated in 1978, soon after its founding. He has worked in a variety of roles, including production and quality control. His knowledge of heat treating requirements for the oil and gas industry is unparalleled. Tito has a passion for customer service; always going the “extra mile” to see that a customer’s needs are met.