Fort Worth Expansion

Texas Heat Treating has made a number of equipment additions to its Fort Worth heat treating operation. Since the facility began production in 2012, the following equipment has been added.

  • Two (2) 36” x 72” Integral Quench furnaces – for Carburizing and Hardening steel. This department now has six (6) primary hardening furnaces, mating temper furnaces for each, parts washers and automated charge-cars.
  • One (1) Vacuum Furnace – for Hardening or Annealing finished parts, investment castings, tool steels, and high temperature alloys. A second vacuum furnace will be on-line within the next 60 days.
  • Vertical Heat Treating Department – for Hardening large, distortion-prone steel bars and machined shafts. The department is supported by 20 ton overhead crane capacity as well as 200 ton straightening capacity.
  • One (1) Nitriding furnace – for Nitride surface hardening. This unit includes a variety of fixtures, and can support loads up to 22,000 pounds.
  • Testing Laboratory. Metallurgical and mechanical testing is performed on-site to support customer’s quality and service requirements.

An additional 35,000 square feet has been acquired to expand the offices, laboratory, and shipping-receiving functions.